How does MentorCruise work?

MentorCruise has three main goals: Making personal mentorship more accessible, making it more affordable, and setting clearer expectations.

All mentors you see on the platform have been hand-picked, vetted, and continuously evaluated. That's how we make sure that everyone you interact with will be valuable to your journey.

You can interact with mentors in two main ways.


The core of MentorCruise is our mentoring program. Mentors will set up a program that you can apply to through their profiles. Each mentoring program comes with a set of services, things as weekly or monthly calls, sample exercises or hands-on help with your work.

At the very least, each mentor is there for you via an unlimited chat connection. Obviously, there's a physical limit to how much your mentor can interact with you – they are working professionals in the industry after all – but we will never limit how much you are allowed to talk to your mentor.

All mentorship also comes with a 7-day free trial to get to know your mentor and make sure you are a fit.

So, once again in short.

  1. You apply to a mentor
  2. Your mentor will reach out and either accept or deny your request
  3. You are being matched with your mentor via chat
  4. You have a 7-day trial to evaluate the experience
  5. Your mentor and you work together towards your goal


Just need an hour with an expert about a topic you don't understand or an issue you are having? Welcome to the sessions.

Sessions are the easiest way to get in touch with a mentor: Pick a session, pay, schedule, done!

Most sessions follow a specific goal, like prepping for an interview. However, you can also just get an open "expert session" where you can discuss whatever you want.

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