I have a new mentee, what now?

The first time you work with a specific mentee, they will have a 7-day free trial to evaluate everything and make sure you can click. It's one of the things that mentees really value about our framework.

The reality though: 20% of mentorships end during that period!

These 7 days are also there for you to figure out a promising plan, get to know your mentee, and sync. It is not there for you to churn out a fully-fledged study plan or push them through the ending stages of a product. The probability is high that you'll be left without compensation.

Instead, recommend mentees like that to book a session with you.

An intro call during the first trial week can help straighten out a lot of issues and get rid of insecurity, it's a brilliant plan to do this during the first week!

However, it's not mandatory in our framework. In some cases, the timezones will just not align in all the right ways and things need to happen "asynchronously". If so, communicate this clearly with a mentee.

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