Let's get you started as a mentor!

First look at the platform and how to mentor

We offer two main ways to mentor others. The first and classic way is to receive applications from mentees and then get matched for mentorship, the second is to do one-off timed sessions.

Both ways have their pros and cons, and a combination of both usually works best to satisfy all needs.

The intro video linked in the references can help with getting an introduction.


Setting up your profile

Your mentoring profile is your place to showcase what you can do for mentees to the world.

As your journey on MentorCruise goes on, you will see your mentoring profile become more extensive and complete.

What that exactly means, and what you should do as the first step, you can also see in the video.


Action Required: How payments & payouts work

As part of our deal, you are also getting paid for each month that you mentor. Mentees are paying the fee that you set, we split it and pay it out to you.

As of right now, you have two options to get paid:

Available in North America, most of Europe, and other parts of the world, it's our preferred payout option. Payouts are instant and you will have full control over payments, refunds, customers, and more. See global availability

Bank Transfer
Bank transfers allow us to send money almost everywhere in the world. We collect payments from your mentees directly and then send you the collective amount once per month through our bank. The caveat: payment fees are slightly larger, so if you can, use Stripe.

You can find some more info on how we process payments in the video below.


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