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How often do mentors and mentees usually talk with each other?

When mentors sign up with us, their first question often is: How often am I supposed to check in on my mentees?

And there is no universal response to this – that's the core of mentorship. Mentees seek out a mentor for help with their problem. Sometimes that problem is a strategical one – something that needs to be unbundled over months, and talking every few days is the schedule that naturally evolves out of it.

Other mentees need a push into the right direction, make some difficult decisions, it can make sense to talk daily in those cases.

What mentorship isn't

There are two other concepts that are closely related to mentorship but have some differences specifically in the communication cadence.


Variable schedules. Typically, mentorships are more passive. Mentors and mentees check in with each other a few times per week, have a call or larger check-in which each other on a fixed schedule.

Schedule can vary anywhere between daily and inter-daily conversations to weekly/monthly check-ins.


Tutoring is an additional guidance to course material or school work. Therefore, it follows the cadence of the course material. If new materials are added daily or multiple times per week, tutoring usually happens on a weekly basis. If new materials are added on a weekly basis, it can make sense to schedule tutoring once per month.


Coaching is typically more hands-on. Regardless of any coursework, hands-on meetings are scheduled once per week or more. At times, there can be check-ins between meetings as well. Overall a variable schedule but at a higher cadence than mentorship.