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How do I get more mentees / my first mentee?

The bigger we grow, the harder it can be to stick out from the crowd. As of today, over 50 new mentors join us every month with over 1'000 mentors available on the platform as we speak. Let us help you to get your first mentee – or scale up your mentoring efforts!

Here's the promising stats first. Once you're onboarded, 25% of mentors get their first request in a week. Half of mentors get their first request in the first month. Whatever side you're on, you're not alone!

How we help you to reach more mentees

Without you doing anything, we'll do our best to get you opportunities and first mentees.

  • We feature new mentors in our monthly newsletter and social media
  • New mentor stand out due to their "NEW MENTOR" badge
  • We highlight you on our landing pages and search results

This is already enough to be found by mentees and finding a first match in half of the cases.

Getting more traffic

Want to get your profile in front of more eyes and mentees? Here are our top tips for that.

  • Include at least 10-15 relevant tags on your profile, preferably 20+. Think about things that folks would search for and what your experience is in. Tags are key to getting listed on landing pages and surfacing in search results. You can always look for inspiration from similar mentors.
  • Fill out one of our interviews (text or video) to get featured on our social media more prominently
  • Write a blog post for us for an additional traffic boost
  • Share your profile on social media to show your network that you're available

Get more mentees

Some of our best mentors are getting 10'000 impressions per month on their profiles (as of March 2022). If you're somewhere up in the thousands, you should take care of your profile and make sure more of the visitors of your profile are considering becoming mentees.

  • Clean up your profile, have a friendly profile picture, plenty of social media linked and tell folks in your bio who you are and what you can do for mentees.
  • Set up multiple plans so folks on a restricted budget have options to work with you too.
  • Offer one-off sessions as part of your mentoring
  • Write a blog post to show off your expertise
  • Fill out one of our interviews (text or video) to give mentees a deeper insight into who you are
  • Experiment with your pricing and offers to find a good balance