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How does the "Requests" tab work?

Mentoring requests were posted by mentees who are looking for a mentor but don't know exactly who they are looking for. You can reach out to mentees if you feel you can help them and are looking for potential new mentees.

You can reach out to mentees if you feel you can help them and are looking for potential new mentees. All other mentors have access to these requests as well. There's no obligation to reach out or reply to requests.

Who posts these requests?

All requests are posted by mentees. As opposed to the usual way through "applications", mentees that post requests often don't know who exactly they are looking for. They might be too early in their journey or simply do not have the knowledge to know who exactly can help them.

All requests are vetted and tagged by the MentorCruise staff.

Have these requests been sent to me / do I need to reply?

No! These requests have been posted for all mentors to see. There's no obligation on your side to reply if you are not interested in a given request.

What is the "Recommended" tab?

Based on the skills in your profile and keywords in the mentoring request, a request may be promoted to you in your "Recommended" tab. This is not a call to action for you to reach out. Instead, we are hoping to make it easy for you to see if there are any requests that may suit you.

Find a request in this tab that doesn't suit you? Make sure your skills and tags are on-topic and not generic terms like "Tech" and "Design".

What happens if I reach out to a request?

Mentees will get a message from you with your initial outreach and have a dashboard where they see all mentors that have responded to a request.

Your initial message is your first impression and there's no ability to chat with a mentee unless they accept your proposal. Therefore, make sure your initial message has substance and is relevant to the mentee.

❌ "Are you still interested?"

❌ "I am interested in this"

❌ "Happy to help!"

✅ "Hey X! I have experience in Y and Z and have had multiple mentees in that area, I think I could help"

✅ "Hey! I think as a first step you should do X. I have 5 years of experience with X and could help"

What's the benefit of reaching out to mentoring requests?

If you reach out to relevant mentoring requests, you can find more mentees that may usually not have picked you for their use case. This is especially relevant and attractive if you are a new mentor or you've been on the platform for a while but haven't been able to connect with mentees otherwise.