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Navigating the all-new MentorCruise chat

We're so happy to unveil the second generation of our chat in the next few months. As of February 2022, roll-out is starting to a few selected mentors/mentorships. Replacing our chat with something more extensive is part of our big initiative this year to improve matching and collaboration on the platform.

As we're rolling out this chat, it can sometimes be a challenge to make the most of this new piece of tech. This article should just be a helping guide for you โ€“ bookmark it if you want and come back to it as you need it.

Threaded Messages

Moving fast often means having multiple conversations at the same time. One big request has therefore been the ability to have threaded or quoted messages. With this new system, this is now possible!

Quoted messages allow you to keep discussions structured and have quick access to messages that may have been sent a lot earlier in the discussion.

Audio & Video Messages

We know that calls and face-to-face time is crucial for mentorships. But โ€“ times are busy and more than ever we find less and less time to hop on calls with each other or even reply to messages.

The new audio and video message function of our chat allows you to talk it out. Show off a concept, explain a topic or just quickly check in. Everything is possible with the power of audio and video!

Improved File Handling and Rendering

Share links, documents, ongoing work or images easily with each other. The chat will now try to render images and links if possible to give you a smoother experience and flow in your work.

Extended Message Formatting

The MentorCruise Chat now uses basic Markdown and keyboard shortcuts to format messages. E.g.

  • Cmd+B or ** to write in bold
  • Cmd+I or __ to write in italic
  • ~~ to ~strikethrough~
  • `` to share inline code
  • Shift + Enter to add a new line

Additionally, code blocks are supported by using

some code

Slash Commands

Our chat comes with a small selection of useful Slash commands which we are looking to grow, including /jitsi <somename> to immediately start a new Jitsi video call or /imgur to share a nice meme.

.... and GIFs!! ๐ŸŽ‰

Last but not least, we work with Giphy now as a slash command! Get those GIFs going!!