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When and how much will I get paid? How do payouts work?

If your payment come to you through direct bank transfer (not Stripe Connect), you'll get a payout receipt once per month. How the numbers come together is influenced by a few different things:

  • You wouldn't get a payout for failed payments of mentees
  • Along the way, the credit card processor takes a fee (2-3% of the payment)
  • Currency conversions can influence payments to some degree
  • The platform fee we take (is applied on top of the price you set)

For example, if you've set your price to $120 per month, then your public price that mentees pay may be $140 per month. Then, your payout might look as follows:

Paid fee$140
Platform fee-$20
Credit card fee-$4.40
On receipt$115.60

You can see the schedule of your next payout on the payouts dashboard