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When and how much will I get paid? How do payouts work?

Stripe Connect

You'll see a new charge on your Stripe account as soon as your mentee pays. Stripe will generally process your payout within 7 days. Some countries profit from accelerated payouts (3 days) and even instant payouts.

On your profile, you'll generally see the breakdown of fees that were charged from your mentee, not only your payout amount.

Let's assume you charge $100 per month. A charge may look like this.

Paid by mentee$120
MentorCruise fee-$20
Stripe fee-$2.60
Paid out$97.40

Bank Transfer

If your payment come to you through direct bank transfer (not Stripe Connect), you'll get a payout receipt once per month. How the numbers come together is influenced by a few different things:

  • You wouldn't get a payout for failed payments of mentees
  • Along the way, the credit card processor takes a fee (2-3% of the payment)
  • Currency conversions can influence payments to some degree
  • The platform fee we take (is applied on top of the price you set)

For example, if you've set your price to $120 per month, then your public price that mentees pay may be $140 per month. Then, your payout might look as follows:

Paid fee$140
Platform fee-$20
Credit card fee-$4.40
On receipt$115.60

You can see the schedule of your next payout on the payouts dashboard