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How should we structure the first week of a mentorship?

Want to hear an interesting fact? The more interaction we see between a mentor and mentee during the first 7 days, the more successful is usually the outcome.

For the longest time, mentorships have been casually formed. You'd reach out to someone you look up to, you start talking more, up to the point where that person could be considered to be a "mentor".

With formal mentorship, that label comes before you're able to extensively meet. What does that mean for your mentorship?

What you should do in the first week

The first week of a mentorship is crucial for the later success of working together. That's because it's the time to meet each other, map out a plan and get crystal-clear on your goals.

There's not much more to it โ€“ having a plan by the end of the first week means you can rely on your mentor to lead you through it and sets the sails for working together for a long time.

Call or no call?

A good way to get that plan done and get to know each other is an intro call. No agenda, nothing to work through โ€“ just 30 minutes where you get to know a mentor and discuss your plans.

However, a call is not a must. In fact, we see many mentorships that go just as well without that intro call as with. That's great news for you! It means that mentorships can work in an asynchronous way as well and there's no need to have to be in the same time zones.

What not to do in the first week?

The first week of a mentorship is for warm-up. Just like when you start sprinting without stretching, diving in too hard can create tension and signals short-term thinking.

So, it can be advisable to use that first week to create a plan and figure out the way forward, instead of instantly jumping into a long session of pair programming.

It can also be considered demanding to want to have deliverables right away. Be it a study plan, a review of your CV or jumping on a interview prep session โ€“ those are things best reserved for a later day.