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Important information on how to become and successfully be a mentor at MentorCruise

I want to change my fee/service, what happens to current mentees?

Usually, your current mentees are grandfathered from any changes.

I'm seeing a lot of failed payments in my Stripe, what's happening?

An annyoing little knack about the Stripe platform, and why you don't need to worry!

How can I join mentor groups, like 'Mentors at big tech companies'

What are the mentor groups all about? How can I join?

What am I expected to do as a mentor?

What's expected from you as a mentor and how to succeed

I have a new mentee, what now?

Here's what to do if you got matched for a mentorship.

My mentee has some payment issues, what now?

Here's what to do if your mentee had some issues with their payment

I got accepted as a mentor, what now?

Your first steps after becoming a mentor

I got booked for a session, what now?

Here's what to do if you got booked for a session

When and how much will I get paid? How do payouts work?

Think your payout has an issue or is off? Here are some reasons for it.

I am unavailable for a while, what can I do?

Need to take a break or some time off? Here's what you can do

How can I use the Zapier integration?

Use the MentorCruise Zapier integration and connect your account to other apps