How can I use my pre-paid balance?

You can add pre-paid balance to your account, either by purchasing credits directly, using a gift card code or through our partner offers.

The pre-paid balance is a non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable license to use MentorCruise services, meaning it cannot be refunded or exchanged for other goods beyond mentorship on MentorCruise.

Using balance for new mentorships

If your balance suffices to cover the first month of a new mentorship, you can start the mentorship and claim the trial without putting in any additional credit card information.

Please note that you'll be asked to top up your balance or add a credit card a couple of days before the next payment. If you fail to do so, the mentorship ends immediately.

Using balance for existing mentorships

If you have existing mentorships and add a balance to your account, the balance is always used first. If your balance covers the entire payment, no further action is required.

If your balance only covers the payment partially, the credit is used, the payment amount is reduced and the rest of the payment is covered through your credit card.

If previous attempts to charge your credit card have failed and you add a balance to your account, the balance will be used after the next attempt to your credit card bounces.

Using balance for sessions

You can purchase one-off sessions using your account balance. The balance will have to cover the entire payment.

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