What do the mentor services mean?

On the different mentor profiles, you'll generally see what kind of services a mentor can do for you. Here's what they mean in detail:


The ability for students to chat with their mentor. Every mentor has to provide this service.

Goals / Activities / Tasks / Challenges

The mentor sets weekly goals and activities for the student. These can consist of small challenges and projects or reading material. They are supposed to help towards reaching a bigger end goal.

1-on-1 calls

The mentor is available for 1-on-1 phone calls. How often these occur is meant to be agreed on between the student and the mentor. They can be irregular and spontaneous or scheduled weekly/biweekly/monthly.


The mentor is willing to help the student with code, by giving them hints or even pointing out or fixing smaller bugs. Important: Mentors are not freelancers! Wanting them to implement components or help with a commercial product is not tolerated.

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