How can I pause, cancel and end my mentorship?

You can pause and end a mentorship at any time through the dashboard as mentor and mentee.

As a mentor, you can do so through the right-hand side panel. As a mentee, you're able to do the same thing on the sidebar.

Pausing Mentorships

Pausing a mentorship causes payments to pause while keeping access to the chat system and other resources.

The days left in your billing cycle will be added on as you resume the mentorship.


  • You've already paid on the 1st of the month
  • You're pausing on the 15th -> approx. 15 days are left in your current cycle
  • You're coming back on the 10th -> your next payment is scheduled for the 25th

Ending Mentorships

When you end a mentorship, you lose all connection to the mentor and are asked to leave a final bit of feedback.

Both actions can be taken from the dashboard.

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