What can I do when my payment fails?

There are multiple reasons why a payment or credit card you're typing in could fail. Usually, the issue is resolved pretty easily.

If you are already in an active mentorship and your payment bounces, you have about 5 work days to fix the payment method, while we retry the payment. If we can't successfully charge your card after this, we'll have to cancel your mentorship.

Insufficient funds

If your credit limit is all used up or your prepaid card doesn't have enough balance, your card will return an error about insufficient funds. Please top up your card and pay the open invoice as soon as possible, using the link in your e-mail.

The card doesn't support subscriptions or international transactions

Certain cards, such as some debit cards or cards issued by local banks could potentially not be set up for online transactions, subscriptions, or international transactions.

If you don't usually use services abroad or online, you should call your bank or check your terms to see whether your card allows these payments. Changing the card you're using or a quick call to your bank might fix this.

Payment blocked by bank

Banks block payments for a variety of reasons, for example, if they don't recognize our business or you don't usually buy services or products like ours.

Changing the card you're using, accepting the charge in your banking app or a quick call to your bank might fix this.

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