I want to request a refund.

If you feel like you are eligible for a refund, you can open a refund request.

Please keep in mind that we auto-refund payments if you cancel less than 24 hours after your previous payment and there is no need to open a dispute with us in that case.

When to open a refund request

You can open a dispute and expect a refund if any of these scenarios happen:

  • you haven't heard from your mentor in about a week without prior notification
  • your mentor agrees to the refund for any other reason

Refunds can be warranted as part of more formal disputes and upon further review from our side if:

  • there has been major misconduct or breach of trust on the mentor side.
  • the mentor has broken the mentoring agreement or does not provide the agreed services
  • there has been some kind of harassment

Our refund policy does not include refunds in these cases:

  • you didn't reach your own goals in time
  • the mentorship ended over a month ago
  • you don't believe your progress has been good enough
  • you forgot about the mentorship for more than one month/payment
  • you realize that mentorship isn't working out for you
  • there is no particular reason
  • the transaction happened more than 90 days ago

If your mentor cancels the mentorship, they'll be asked to either give a partial refund, depending on the date of the last payment. They can also choose to refund the whole payment right away.

How to open a refund request

After reviewing our policy, refunds can be requested through this form. The refund request gets sent and reviewed by your mentor.

If your mentor accepts the refund request, the refund is processed right away and should appear on your credit card statement within the next 5-10 working days.

If your mentor does not accept the refund request, our support team will investigate the case based on this policy.

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