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What can I expect from mentors?

What exactly you can expect during a mentorship highly depends on your mentor and is usually designated on their "program card" on their profile.

What you can and should expect from any mentor:

  • Availability as needed for questions, advice and guidance.
  • Guidance on working towards your personal goal.
  • Flexibility when it comes to goal changes, help requests and organization.
  • Actionable coaching, such as help for job interviews, CV checks, career guidance.
  • A stable point of contact. Whatever might happen in your career - your mentor is there for you.

What many mentors offer as well (visible on their profile):

  • 1-on-1 video call sessions
  • Review of your work and actionable advice based on it
  • Specific coding challenges & to-dos
  • Fast reply times (expectation of under 24h)

What you can't expect from our mentors:

  • Going in-depth in your code, developing new features or spending hours on debugging. They are guides, not freelancers and usually guide you for a price way below their usual rates.
  • A pre-structured curriculum. Mentors will help you personally, not give you lectures that you could also find online. They are happy to point you towards the right resources though.
  • Around the clock support. Mentors are there for you in their down- and free time. They might have busy schedules sometimes too and might now always be able to respond in the span of a few minutes.
  • Instant replies. Our mentorships are designed to be longterm (most mentorship are longer than 30 days). Don't panic if your mentor doesn't reply for a few hours, they have full-time jobs and might be busy - just be sure that you are still a priority (and get in touch if you feel neglected).