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How can I receive push notifications on my phone?

Chrome Push Notifications

We now have the functionality to provide native push notifications through the Chrome web browser on mobile and desktop. Thanks to service workers, push notifications should also be triggered if you are not active on the MentorCruise website.

To set up push notification, simply access your dashboard on a Chrome Web Browser and enable the option on the left-bottom corner.

Zapier Push Notifications (mentors only)

You can set up custom Zapier flows. To receive an invite to our Zapier, head over to the mentor integrations page

IFTTT Push Notifications (mentors only)

You can receive native push notifications without using the Chrome browser, using the IFTTT app. To do so:

  1. Create an IFTTT account, install the IFTTT mobile app
  2. Enable the maker space, copy the key assigned to you (usually in the "documentation" section)
  3. Enter your IFTTT key in the mentor integrations page
  4. Create a new applet
  5. For "If this", look for "Webhooks". The event name is "mentorcruise".
  6. For "then that", look for Notifications. The value of the notification is {{value1}}. Save.
  7. You should now be set up!