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What payment methods can you use?

If your payment fails, it's usually due to insufficient funds or because your bank has blocked your payment.

If you receive the e-mail from us, you have about 5 work days to fix the payment method, while we retry the payment. If we can't successfully charged your card after this, we'll have to cancel your mentorship.

Insufficient funds

If your credit limit is all used up or your prepaid card doesn't have enough balance, your card will return an error about insufficient funds. Please top up your card and pay the open invoice as soon as possible, using the link in your e-mail.

Card blocked by bank

As a small international business, some banks are more suspicious of the relatively high subscription payment and will sometimes block our payments. In many cases, you'll have to ring up your card hotline and get the payment unblocked. After that, use the link on your email to confirm.