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How can I find a mentor for X? How does the search work?

The built-in site filter may seem simple and easy, but definitely has its more powerful sides too.

The basics are really simple

  • You can search for names, companies, job titles and skills in the search.
  • If you'd like your mentor to provide specific services, you can check them
  • You can filter by price and category too

Getting more from search

However, the search field is really where the magic lies. By default, it will perform a full-body text search on mentoring profiles and deliver the results.

However, you can also search for a combination of skills or specific strings.

The Java vs. JavaScript problem

Since the search by default looks for any kind of matching text, finding mentors for "Java" would be impossible because "JavaScript" mentors would also be yielded.

You can use quotation marks "" to look specifically for "Java", for example. (Note: our search usually takes care of this already, but the function can be used for any kind of text matching)

Finding a combination of skills

Searching for a list of comma-separated skills will yield mentors where all of the skills are found.

So, searching for javascript, ux design, python will yield mentors that know javascript, ux design and python.

Search for specific values

Full-body text yielding too many results? You can use prefixes to search for specific values, for example:

  • title:CTO searches for people who have CTO as their title
  • tag:python searches for people skilled in Python
  • company:Google searches for people working at Google
  • name:Dominic Monn searches for Dominic Monn

You can also combine these with commas, e.g. name:Alex, tag:javascript searches for all people named Alex, skilled in JavaScript.