What fees does MentorCruise take?

MentorCruise takes a platform fee on each payment processed through the site. These fees may differ depending on the product, cost, and nature of the payment.

Please note that this article is only explanatory. The foundation of our fee structure, as well as the target net take rate, is anchored in the mentoring agreement. The exact calculation is subject to change.

When you edit your plans, the definite fee is calculated and shown to you based on the latest version of the calculation. We don't change the prices of existing mentorships or subscription plans without prior announcement and consent.

Our pricing generally puts 20% on top of your fee. Your $100 plan will turn into $120 when shown to mentees.

  • $100 * 1.2 = $120

In some cases, this rate may fluctuate to round to a better place – for example, we may decide to charge a lower fee to show your plan as $200 instead of $204.

Exceptions apply for certain plan ranges – as described below.

Fee structure for mentorships under $100/mo

The minimum MentorCruise fee is $20. This means for smaller plans, you may see a higher percentual fee rate than the 20% advertised. For example, a $20/mo plan will still be shown and charged as $40 to mentees.

The risk and work we're taking on for smaller plans is equal to us – if not larger – than their larger counterparts, leading to this flat fee for small plans.

One-off sessions may have a more attractive fee structure if you'd like to meet with mentees on an irregular or discounted basis,

Fee structure for mentorships under $800/mo

For plans under $800/mo, a flat fee of 20% is charged. This fee is capped at $100, meaning that plans between $500 and $800 are no longer charged linearly – the fee here stays a flat $100.

Fee structure for plans over $800/mo

Plans over $800 – called Pro plans – are only accessible to "Top mentors". These plans are charged at a reduced rate of 10%, starting at $100.

Similarly to their counterparts, these fees are capped at $200.


One-off sessions have a flat fee between $9 and $39 applied. In your dashboard, you're being shown the amounts paid to you. We charge a 10% fee on custom sessions you have created yourself.

Custom Plans

Custom plans created from your mentoring dashboard for a specific mentorship follow the same fee structure as standard plans. The fees are taken directly as a cut instead of being added on top of the publicly visible plan price.


  • April 17, 2024: Previously, plans over $500 were only accessible to top mentors. Since plans up to $800 are now accessible to the general audience, we've adjusted the caps and pricing limits accordingly.
  • July 17, 2023: The minimum fee for plans was increased from $10 to $20, reacting to various chargebacks and fraud issues we've encountered from mentees booking these smaller plans.
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