How can I use the Zapier integration?

Using our very own Zapier integration, you can now connect MentorCruise to thousands of other apps. Here's how that works!

Available endpoints

MentorCruise v1 ships with 5 triggers you can use to start workflows with.

New Message

Triggers when a mentee sends you a new message.


  • sender: string, name of your mentee
  • text: string, message itself
  • created: datetime, when message was sent

New Application

Triggers when a new application was sent to you


  • hash: string, unique ID
  • user: string, name of user
  • introduction: string, written by mentee
  • time_expectations: string, one of I don't have any specific expectations, I'm expecting instant replies, I'm okay with getting a reply withing a few hours, I'd like to receive responses within a day or I'm okay with receiving a reply after a few days
  • service_expectations: string, written by mentee
  • mentee_question: string, written by mentee
  • goal: string, written by mentee

New Application Message

Triggers when a new "limited message" is sent within an application


  • sender: string, name of your mentee
  • content: string, message itself
  • application: string, hash of associated application

New Mentorship

Triggers when a new mentorship is established


  • mentee: string, name of mentee
  • created: datetime, when mentorship was created
  • internal_fee: float, how much you'll get paid per month in USD
  • fee: float, how much mentee is paying per month in USD

Session Booked

Triggers when someone books a session with you


  • name: string, name of mentee
  • email: string, email of mentee
  • session: string, name of booked session
  • internal_price: float, how much you'll get paid for this session in USD
  • price: float, how much mentee paid incl. platform fees in USD

Setting up Zapier

Create a Zap with the trigger of your choice.

  1. Connect your MentorCruise account by copy-pasting your API key
  2. Build your zap!

Example use cases

Please share your examples with us so we can publish them here!

Send notifications for important new messages

Have a specific mentee you should get back to sooner? Use a new message trigger and send yourself an important email or SMS if it comes from that specific mentee

We use:

  1. New Message in MentorCruise
  2. Filter by Zapier: If Sender Name contains Dominic
  3. Gmail / SMTP / SMS

Automate your bookkeeping when you get booked

Write all the $$$ you make from session bookings into a spreadsheet so you have them all archived.This is a straightforward one:

  1. Look for new session bookings
  2. Create a new row in your spreadsheet
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