What happens with my payment if I end the mentorship?

When ending a mentorship, you rarely do so right at the end of the month you've already paid for. When you end a mentorship, here's what happens to your last payment.

Last payment was less than 48 hours ago

If you've just recently paid for the full month and are now ending the mentorship, an automatic refund will be processed right away. You should see the reversal on your credit card within 5-10 business days.

Last payment was 10 - 20 days ago

We currently do not have an automatic partial refund policy if your last payment has been charged a few weeks ago. The reason for that is that mentors work on different schedules and the number of calls in your plan might have also been scheduled within a shorter timespan. This is something that has to be discussed and agreed on with each mentor.

By ending a mentorship, you're foregoing service at your own discretion, therefore we won't interfere with the decision of a mentor to refund or not. That being said, you still have the option to receive a partial refund.

Ask your mentor to end the mentorship

When a mentor ends a mentorship, they have the option to partially or fully refund the last payment. If you've discussed the conclusion of mentorship, this is a good option to end a mentorship.

Open a refund case

If you've already ended the mentorship, you can open a request for refund directly through our website. The decision will still be made by the mentor. If the mentor does not agree to the refund, it will turn into a dispute that'll be decided on by our community support team.

Last payment was 25+ days ago

We currently do not offer partial refunds for less than 20% of the source payment, as payment processing and reversal fees may incur additional costs not covered by the payment itself. If you're looking for a new mentor, get in touch with support and we may offer you some credit on your next mentorship.

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