Using and Troubleshooting MentorCal, our in-house scheduling service

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You can choose a default scheduling service in your integration settings. You have multiple options to use scheduling on MentorCruise, including MentorCal, our in-house scheduling service.

Why use MentorCal, when you could use Calendly?

MentorCal is directly hosted and owned by MentorCruise. Under the hood, it's a white-labeled version of As a result, we have full API access and single sign-on, leaving you with less work and a single log-in for both services.

Compared to external services, like Calendly, MentorCal will automatically sync your session setups to relevant event types. As an added bonus, there is also a built-in video calling option in MentorCal, so you don't have to mess around with time-limited Zoom setups or similar.

What capabilities does each scheduling option have?

Due to the integrated nature of MentorCal, MentorCal has the deepest connection and compatibility with MentorCruise. You are still welcome to use an external tool, like Calendly, SavvyCal, or the hosted version.

MentorCal Calendly SavvyCal
Scheduling Widget
"Next availabilities" on session booking ❌ (since April 2024)
Free for full functionality
Sync with session setups
Videocall Software
Sync with mentorship / session

How to set up MentorCal?

  1. In your integration settings, click on "Configure" and your personal MentorCal link will be set up. The initial load may take a while, and you'll be asked to confirm your name, set up your calendar connection, and usual working times when first opening the application.

  2. We take it from there and will generate and connect event types for each of your existing session types. When you set up a new session on MentorCruise, we'll also directly link it with a MentorCal event.

  1. The default meeting option is "Cal Video", powered by Other options like Google Meet are also available (only if you are also using Google Calendar), as well as alternative options like Jitsi.

  • To use an alternative conferencing option, install it in your calendar app store. After installation, you can set one of the installed conferencing options as your default.

  • Be sure to set up the conferencing option as the default for all your existing event types as well

Troubleshooting MentorCal

MentorCal is a complex system built based on As a result, there may sometimes be issues that are not entirely in our control. Here's a living list of how to troubleshoot these.

No availabilities in your calendar/sessions

This can be one of many issues:

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