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I got booked for a session, what now?

A Session is usually a video or audio call, ranging between 30 minutes and an hour. The instructions for each call are listed on the management page.

If you've been booked for a session, the mentee has already pre-paid your session and it's in your responsibility to reach out. We shared the booker's email with you. The mentee can also cancel their session and get a refund, but you'd have a 24-hour window to dispute that, in case that the session had already happened.

You can set up your Calendly integration to give mentees a chance to instantly schedule a session. Make sure you provide the agreed time windows.

Usually there is a deliverable attached to the Session (e.g. a Google Sheet Study Plan, or a refreshed CV). Unless that deliverable was met, the mentee can argue that the Session was not completed properly. If you have finished a session, "complete it" on your dashboard.

## Are you unavailable for sessions?

Since mentees can book you without prior application or confirmation, we've added multiple ways of handling these scenarios:

  • If you're away for multiple weeks, you can toggle the "You are available" button.
  • If you can't do a specific session after it has been booked, you can use the "Cancel & Refund" button
  • If the amount of bookings is too overwhelming, you can update your monthly limits at any time.