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I have a Stripe account, but MentorCruise doesn't let me connect

Is Stripe available in my country?

You can check the availability of Stripe with the following links. Please note that your country must be listed in both pages, as you'll have to create an account of your own and also be able to connect to platforms.

  • Global Availability:
  • Connect to platforms:

I have a Stripe account, but I am not allowed to connect it

Some countries like India and Malaysia have access to Stripe, but not to the Stripe Connect system. This means as a foreign platform we are not able to interact with your account and therefore can't accept it yet. As soon as Stripe allows this, we'll send a notification to all mentees to migrate.

Here's some more information:

I can connect my Stripe account, but I get an error / it doesn't save

There's multiple reasons why a Stripe account does not connect successfully. Including:

  • The location you've set on your profile differs from the location of your Stripe account. It may be possible that we cannot connect to that country's Stripe account. Please change your location on MentorCruise to your home/bank location temporarily.
  • Your Stripe account is invalid, temporarily blocked or not fully verified. Head over to Stripe to double-check