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What fees does MentorCruise take?

MentorCruise takes a platform fee on each payment processed through the site. Depending on product, cost and nature of the payment, these fees may differ.

As a mentor, you should have a clear expectation of what you'll earn at the end of the day. If you set up a new pricing plan that costs $100, that's the cut you'll receive (excl. some fees from Stripe/banks taken on the way to you). What can change is the fee we put on top.

Our current fee rate is 20% on top of what you already charge. This means your $100 plan will turn into $120 when shown to mentees. In some cases, this rate may fluctuate to round to a better place – for example, we may decide to charge a lower fee in order to show your $170 plan as $199, instead of $204.

The minimum fee is $10.

Pro Plans

Our most experienced mentors are profiting from larger limits when it comes to pricing their services. As a result, our fee reduces to a maximum of $50 for plans under $500. With plans that cost over $500, we cap our fee at 10% or $100, whichever is lower.


One-off sessions have a flat fee between $9 and $29 applied. In your dashboard, you're being shown the amounts paid to you.

We charge a flat 10% fee on custom sessions you create yourself.

Custom Plans

Non-standard plans that you're setting up in agreement with your mentee follow the same fee structure as standard plans – 20% for lower priced plans, 10% for higher priced plans, up until a cap of $100. The fees are taken directly as a cut.


Please note that this help article is explanatory. The foundation of our fee structure is anchored in the mentoring agreement and subject to changes.