How do custom plans work?

By definition, custom plans are mentorship plans that deviate from your regular or most up-to-date offerings. You can create custom plans for individual mentees by yourself; we may also create them on your behalf to preserve an older version of your plan when you make structural changes.

Creating custom plans manually

You can create fully custom plans for your existing mentees without any limitations in price or scope (number of calls). To do so, select a specific mentee from the list of conversations, expand the Details panel, and click the Create custom plan button under the Settings tab.

In the Create custom plan dialog, you can adjust the price and scope, choose when to apply the changes, and set the availability limit that the mentee should count towards. Keep in mind:

  • You can decrease the price without any further approval
  • Any increase in price will require approval from the mentee
  • Custom plans are being charged according to the current fee structure

Custom plans are sometimes created automatically

At times, you may want to try out a new plan structure or stop offering a plan altogether. If you edit a plan's structure or delete it while mentees are still on it, we will transfer those mentees to a custom plan on the same tier (e.g. if your original plan was a Lite plan, then the mentees on the custom plan will continue to count towards your Lite plan limit). This custom plan allows you to continue to reference the service details that were originally agreed upon.

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