My mentee's payment is failing, what now?

With credit cards, it can sometimes happen that we have some issues charging a subscription payment. Whenever this happens, we instantly notify you and ask the mentee to fix the issues. Similarly, we notify you once the issues have been fixed.

Do not assume ill intent

Sometimes, mentees will sign up with empty or insufficient credit cards to get a free trial without the need of having to cancel. In the majority of cases, failing payments are not malicious, though. It may be that:

  • the bank is worried about an international transfer and stops it
  • a credit limit has been reached
  • a card is being declined for an unknown reason (or is expired/frozen)

Even though it's smart to practice caution, a failed payment can also be a source of shame – be accommodating and supportive to your mentee.

Help your mentee fix it

Work with your mentee to fix the failing payment. There are multiple ways to do this for your mentee:

  • Replace the credit card with a different one
  • Call the bank
  • Use pre-paid credit instead
  • Pause the mentorship for a while

If your mentee knows that you're still ready to help and equally concerned about the failing payment, it can lead to a higher drive to get the issue resolved.

Stop offering further calls

As a matter of caution, you should stop offering further calls and cancel any calls that were scheduled while the payment is still failing.

Your mentee is paying for the month upfront, and a failing payment means they have not yet paid for said month. If you continue to offer services, you may not get paid for these sessions.

Managing an ended mentorship

You will get an email from us as soon as the payment is fixed. If a mentee is unable to fix their payment issues in a week, their mentorship is canceled. Please note that we cannot offer a payout or compensation in those cases.

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