My mentee has some payment issues, what now?

With credit cards, it can sometimes happen that we have some issues charging a subscription payment. Whenever this happens, we instantly notify you and ask the mentee to fix the issues. Similarly, we notify you once the issues have been fixed.

Even though sometimes it happens, a missed payment isn't always malicious. What happens far more is:

  • the bank is worried about an international transfer and stops it
  • a credit limit has been reached
  • a card is being declined for an unknown reason (or is expired/frozen)

Unfortunately, this is also sometimes used in a malicious way and modern-day banking apps often allow users to issue empty virtual cards, instantly freeze them or remove their budgets to claim trials. So we still recommend you follow up with mentees in these cases and stop any meetings/deliverables you would have planned until you get the OK.

If a mentee is unable to fix their payment issues in a week, their mentorship is canceled. Please note that we cannot do a payout for that one week in those cases.

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