I am unavailable for a while, what can I do?

We all get busy and need to put our mentoring on pause for a bit sometimes. We have all the systems so you can take a break and come back even stronger.

Step 1: Close your spots

Go to Management > Create plans and set your Global mentee limit to zero. This will immediately close your profile for new applications.

But: your profile can still be found and stays active. Instead of applying to you, mentees can sign up for a waiting list and get a notification once you are back.

Step 2: Close your sessions

The sessions setup allows you to mark yourself as unavailable. Mentees now won't be able to book you for a session anymore.

Step 3: Pause your mentorships

If you can't take care of your mentees for a bit, pause your mentorships until you are back.

Step 4: De-index your profile

In your profile settings, you can advise search engines to no longer pick up your page in their index.

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