How can I gain XP? How do levels work? When am I eligible for lite and pro plans?

As a mentor, your experience on the platform is being tracked through experience points and your mentor level.

All of this happens in the background as you use the platform, rewarding good mentoring as you review applications in a timely manner, stick with mentees for multiple months and collect good ratings.

You'll rise in level as you work with more mentees and stay on the platform for longer. You can also invite colleagues and friends to join us as a mentor and will get an additional XP boost when you do so. You can look at your recent progress in your performance review.

What benefits do you get at higher levels?

  • At Level 6, you'll be able to add a second "Lite" mentoring plan.
  • At Level 7, you qualify for a featured blog post
  • At Level 8, you'll be able to create custom sessions
  • At Level 10, your pricing limit increases
  • At Level 20, your pricing limit increases further
  • If you're Level 20 and have maintained a spotless rating, you qualify as a "top mentor"

Beyond the strict level limit, we'll also look at mentor experience when we evaluate mentors for promotions and beta tests.

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