I'm having issues with Borderless

Borderless is a payout processor we use for payouts outside of Stripe's jurisdiction. Our biggest payout recipients using Borderless are based in India, Brazil, Thailand and Israel.

If you don't know whether Stripe is available to you, check their list of supported countries and list of supported cross-border payout destinations. Your country has to be featured on both. Additionally, payouts to India are not possible for foreign accounts.

Setting up Borderless

During onboarding, your payout eligibility is based on your set account country. If you've set your country to a location where you don't have a permanent residence and/or bank account, it makes sense to temporarily change it.

When setting up Borderless, your account will undergo a KYC process and you'll receive a handle (similar to Twitter, e.g. @mentorcruise). Once you share your handle with us, your profile can be activated.

Understanding payouts

Main Article: How do payouts work?

Payouts using Borderless happen once per month. You'll receive an invoice from us on the 4th of each month with the successful payments and fees for the previous month. The transaction should appear in your account within the next 48 hours after the invoice has been shared.

Please note: An incoming payment in your "Payouts" dashboard does not warrant a payout. You will have to wait until the start of the next month.

Missing payouts / Wrong payouts

If a payout is missing from your account, chances are we were unable to send it. This can have many reasons:

  • Your account with Borderless is invalid. This can happen due to requirement changes. Get in touch with Borderless support to make sure your account is active.
  • Your payout amount is under $25 – this is a limit by Borderless and we won't be able to send amounts that small

If you believe a payout is wrong, it makes sense to double-check your estimated payout amount, to respect any potential refunds or non-successful payments, and then get in touch with support with your summary.

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